Karaoke Heroes thrives to provide you with the ultimate karaoke experience. For thousands of years people have been singing to express their feelings and share them with the world. Unfortunately, not everyond makes it as a mainstream singer. With us that serves no matter. What matters is the CUSTOMER. Sing your heart out here at Karaoke Heroes. Dance the night away. Drink then night away. Whatever makes YOU happy is what we live to serve you.

Karaoke Heroes

The Bar

Here at Karaoke Heroes we thrive to provide you with a classical karaoke and contemporary nightlife atmosphere. Music along with awesome cocktails and customer service allows for the best karaoke experience.

The Experience

Not everybody is Beyonce or Justin Bieber, but you don't have to be with us. We were given a voice to share and express. That's what Karaoke Heroes thrives to provide you with. No matter the voice we want to hear it!

Private+Birthday Parties

Karaoke Heroes is the ultimate party experience. Awesome for family, friend and industry parties. We provide the experience you dream of. In need of a private room? We've got you covered. Contact us via email or subscribe for any questions! Don't forget to ask about our custom cakes and cupcakes. Private rooms are priced at ten dollars per person per hour. Minimums are selective depending on event and conversation.

Private Room Packages


Want to come down for a night? Need a special room for a group of friends ? We got you covered! Subscribe to us the number of people and day you need a reservation and we will make it happen. Drink specials, first song privilege and other gifts come along with our VIP bookings!


Our Birthday parties are good no matter what! From elementary schooler's, to college grads and to senior citizens everybody loves to sing. Lots of room for cake and food! Daytime is best for parties on Saturday's and Sundays! While the kids sing mom and dad should grab a drink!

Corporate Events

Even the big dogs need to relax every once and a while. Spend your next meeting with us. Plenty of space for quiet and configuration, but also lots of room for fun and relaxation. After your meeting what is better than a drink and a song? Karaoke Heroes provides it all for you under one roof.

Other Offers

We can do it all here at Karaoke Heroes. Work parties, graduation parties and other special occasions as well. We like thinking outside the box so approach us with any event type and we will do our best to make it work! Private rooms are priced at 10 dollars pp per hour.